Yob Song by Song: Pain of I

Despite its cabbalistic subject matter, and being 17 minutes long, Revolution is one of Yob’s groovier, lighter songs, bluesy rather than doomed. So I imagine Yob felt the need to pour the muck back in with the crackling distortion and recurring minor thirds and perfect seconds of Pain of I. The vocals enter not with a word but with a roar, and the song centres around that dissonant intro riff. It is ugly, played loose and rough to the point of sludginess, and is placed here to contrast with the preceding Revolution. This is really emphasised by the soloed slow ‘n’ low distorted bass that enters after a stretch of silence, following the root notes of the chromatic riff.

Although the difference between doom and sludge is blurred, with a lot depending on that abstract concept of ‘feel’, there is a consistent difference in their desired effects; a little wiser, a little sombre? Doom. Seeking alcohol and feeling filthy? Sludge. The grace present in so much of Yob’s playing is absent from Pain of I ; this is the ugly, rough track of the album, and is fittingly titled. Ironically, given that ‘I’ is used in the context of ‘I and I’, referring to the philosophical concept of the connection between all living things, I would not use it to convince someone to listen to more of Yob.


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