Yob Song by Song: All the Children Forgotten

Sounds of The Rainforest Doom

I’ve come to think of All the Children Forgotten as Sounds of the Rainforest done right. The closing soundscape of Universe Throb re–enters as trickling water, gently wavering feedback and rumbling thunder, and for a minute and a half a guitar fattened on wah stabs, flares and flicks, before Scheidt begins, in Geddy Lee delivery;

I see the beauty in life…

(–”What is this hippie shi–”)


(“–oh fuck run!”)

The contrast between the two vocal styles comes clubbing in, and although there are other roaring doommongers who can switch styles out there, few do this with such dexterity (Mikael Åkerfeldt is another who springs to mind, although I’m not sure Opeth have ever been a doom band) and in such a distinctive style. The range of Scheidt’s pipes are brought to the fore by the space in the instrumentation, although I did occasionally wonder if this track, as well as a few others, might sound better without the clean vocals being run through such heavy EQ filtering.

Keeping tabs on the song structure of All The Children Forgotten is not straightforward; like many Yob songs, it is long and dense, and much like the trickles of rain through the leaves, the character of this song is that it meanders along, with a bpm of 96 in 6/8 time, even as the roars of ‘I see the beauty in life/BUT I DON’T SEE THE DOGMA!’ (or is it ‘DHARMA’?) (or maybe ‘I DON’T SEE THAT DAWG MA’?) form the closest thing this song has to a chorus. Bass guitarist Isamu Sato and drummer Gabe Morley work hard and well to keep it tight, and there’s a great interlude when the vocals whisper from behind flanged guitars, and you can feel yourself mentally leaning in to make out the words (I could make out ‘generation’ and ‘wake up’). In a genre in which the most common criticism is the (supposedly) indistinguishable nature of many of its acts, it is unconventional touches like these that make Yob special.

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