Bar Fights and Black Holes

Bar Fight were the opening support act for Blackhole’s gig at The Old Blue Last in Dalston last Wednesday. They’re not big. They’re not clever. They are excellent. They reminded me of Chris Barlow–era Hang The Bastard with a bit more oi! (exclamation mark? No exclamation mark?) in the vocals. I hadn’t heard of them before, but I would like to hear of and see them again. Listen:

I don’t have much to say about Black Hole’s set: just like their recorded material, it was excellent. They played a few new songs and quite a few more older ones, and I enjoyed every moment of it. More new material soon hopefully.

*Correction 8/4/16 – It has been drawn to my attention that Hang The Bastard’s former vocalist is Chris Barling, not Chris Barlow, as stated above. Apologies for this mistake. Listen to Hang The Bastard.*