Perfectly illustrated by John Santos’ artwork of giant flying salamander things barfing up rainbows (I mean, just look at it), Harmonicraft is the aural equivalent of sunshine, blue skies, running around outside revelling in the smell of freshly–cut grass and having a great time. Happiness in heavy metal is a weird and wonderful concept; although there is heavy music about positivity (see: posicore), it’s very rare that it actually sounds positive, i.e. happy. Torche do. This is heavy metal, but not as we know it.

Blending pop with heavy metal, Harmonicraft is fun, upbeat and sludgy as a team of sloths dredging a lake of tar (imagine that). Many of the riffs channel absolute euphoria, particularly Solitary Traveller, which I hope somebody puts on within earshot as the greatest moment in my life takes place, whatever/whenever that may be, or if it happens (which I suppose it has to, by definition). The lyrics I can make out bound along with irreverence and fun, like the shouts of ‘sucker!’ in Roaming or song titles like Kiss Me Dudely.

This album is quite literally amazing; I put it on, 18 months after first hearing it, and still can’t believe what’s coming out of the speakers. Its upbeat nature, boundless energy and commitment to having a good time suit those days with endless blue skies and the smell of freshly–cut grass perfectly.

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