Review ‘em All: Torch Runner, Endless Nothing



I knew nothing of Torch Runner before I bought Endless Nothing yesterday, and that was because of a quick mention on a blog, in fact so quick I can’t remember where exactly. Apart from that brief mention, what sold it to me was it being out on Southern Lord, whose roster I feel a particular affinity for, and the band name, which sounds like tough music for tough times. So I bought it on a chance, a Glen, a Sol Campbell, because that’s £8.99 I won’t see again (unless I return it).

Having listened to the 22 minute and 10 second album a couple of times now, I have a similar opinion to Torch Runner as I do to a lot of grind and grind–heavy bands like Trap Them. They’ve taken elements of grind and mixed up the pace, and if you’re into that, I imagine it’ll do you nicely. But I’m not really one of those guys, generally preferring more eclectic bands like Genghis Tron and Liberteer, and I find little to distinguish between Endless Nothing’s 13 tracks.

I imagine this’ll be a good album to soundtrack the apoplectic smashing up of personal items after one bad day too many, and maybe exercise to, although it’s not the most rhythmic album going, and with little variation in vocals. For me they are a band with an atmosphere rather than specifics, and unfortunately that is not my cuppa splosh. I can only recall the very first riff and the bass intro of Calloused Mind, and would struggle to hum any other part of it back (although humming back grindcore is tricky at the best of times).


I’ve listened to it a few more times now. It’s grown on me, but I still can’t distinguish most of the tracks from one another. The aptly titled first track Attrition opens with a strong riff, but by the time there’s another distinctive feature, it’s 1 minute 50 seconds into track number six Rebirth. This is an album for when you’re angry enough to want to listen to something this acidic, but forgiving enough to embrace the lack of hooks and nuance. Still don’t know if I’m going to return it.


I’ve kept it, and am still putting it on, so it must be doing something right. That said, I still feel it to be a fairly one–dimensional listen. Maybe for when Nails are too catchy, or when I need to strip some paint. Tough music for tough times exclusively.

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